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As a parent you are doing a fantastic job. There is no specific rule book on raising children so if I can help you and your son/daughter to learn and understand good driving skills & behaviour then we are all winning!
  • No More Stress: Do you have continual conflict with your son/daughter whether from making the bed to leaving dishes in the sink- there are no conflicts between a student and myself.

  • Sound Advice: Does your son/daughter shut themselves off from your advice after the first time you ever say anything - because the advice is coming from a different source then it is usually taken on board.

  • No Time: Are you as a parent time poor - time with your son/daughter and motivation to teach them is my business.

  • Decades of Experience: Have you got the time or knowledge of lesson structure to enable them to achieve at the best possible rate in their driving - I have these attributes.

My teaching style works on the positives whilst certainly not ignoring the negatives. The learning experience is a wonderful time to be enjoyed by the student, instructor and parents.

It always makes me smile when a parent tells me their son/daughter has commented “but Craig says...”.

This tells me that myself as an instructor and you as parents are both winning, as your son/daughter is observing and evaluating on road behaviour. This is one of the key components of them being a safe driver into the future when they are driving by themselves.

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