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Why learn with Wheel Smart?

  1. Wheel Smart is committed to driver and road safety and want to play a part in making our drivers and roads safer.

  2. Wheel Smart will provide you with the essential skills that you need to get behind the wheel and drive to survive.

It is a common misconception that you do most of your learning when you get your licence and hit the road alone; this should never be the case. Wheel Smart has four key qualities we want every learner driver to have before obtaining their provisional licence which are:

  • Skill - to be confident as a driver in all you do, and why you do it,

  • Respect - to respect other road users and understand you cannot predict the actions or behaviour of others on the road,

  • Appreciation - to hold a drivers licence is a privilege, not a right and with that comes the responsibility to abide by road rules, and;

  • Continuous development - to seek to improve and continuously learn.

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